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Race, Slavery, and Land. Moravian Legacies in a Global Context,

Moravian University, November 4-5, 2022

Friday, November 4, 2022

12:00-1:00. UBC Room, Haupert Union Building (HUB). Friday Forum. Visibility Through Voices From Bethlehem's Black Community. Rayah Levy 

Link to Recording on Friday Forum. Visibility Through Voices From Bethlehem's Black Community

4:45-5:00. Saal, The Moravian Theological Seminary. Words of Welcome. President Bryon Grigsby. Heikki Lempa 

Link to Recording on Welcome, Awarding Ceremony, and Keynote

5:00-5:30. Saal (MTS). David Schattschneider Awarding Ceremony. Craig Atwood 

Saal, The Moravian Theological Seminary

Jon Sensbach University of Florida Complacent Hostages? Colonial Legacies and the Paradox of Moravian History

Saturday, November 5, 2022

1. 9:00-10:30. PPHAC 101. Slavery. Rethinking Eighteenth-Century Moravian Conceptualizations 

 Link to Recording on Slavery. Rethinking Eighteenth-Century Moravian Conceptualizations

Moderator: Scott Gordon, Lehigh University
Peter Vogt Moravian Church, Herrnhut, Germany What did Moravians Say about Slavery? An Overview of Relevant Passages in 18th Century Moravian Publications
Josef Köstlbauer University of Bonn Eighteenth-Century Moravians and Contemporary Perceptions of Slavery and Dependence
Craig Atwood Moravian University A. G. Spangenberg's Ambiguous Attitude Toward Chattel Slavery?

2. 9:00-10:30. PPHAC 102. Moravians in the Caribbean: Slavery in the Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Centuries

Link to Recording on Moravians in the Caribbean: Slavery in the Eighteenth-and Nineteenth-Centuries

Moderator: Paul Peucker, Moravian Archives
Jessica Cronshagen; Frank Marquardt University of Oldenburg Possession and "Madness" as Political Knowledge. On the Justification of Deviance and Violence in the Moravian Mission in the Danish Caribbean and Suriname (ca. 1735-1790)
Wolf Behnsen University of Hanover “O Miserable Freedom!”: The Moravian Church and the Abolition of Slavery in Suriname in the 19th Century
Winelle Kirton-Roberts The Geneva Moravian Fellowship, Switzerland Did You See My Chains? An Inquiry into the Moravian Mission at Sharon in Barbados and Its Justification for Shackled Africans, 1795-1834

3. 11:00-12:30. PPHAC 102. Race in Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century Moravian Communities 

Link to Recording on Race in Eighteenth-and Nineteenth-Century Moravian Communities

Moderator: Kelly Denton-Borhaug, Moravian University
Livingstone Thompson Kilwarlin Moravian Church, Ireland Christianity and Colonial Cruelty: Moravians in Jamaica 1754-1854
Katharine Gerbner University of Minnesota Race, Indigeneity and the “Heathen” in the Moravian Missions to Shekomeko and Jamaica
Natasha Lightfoot Columbia University Moravians and the Regulation of Families and Intimacies in Post-Emancipation Antigua

4. 2:00-3:30. PPHAC 101. Race, Land, and Colonization in Moravian Communities in Eighteenth-Century North America 

Link to Recording on Race, Land, and Colonization in Moravian Communities in Eighteenth-Century North America

Moderator: Jamie Paxton, Moravian University
Benjamin Pietrinka University of Heidelberg Observing Otherness: Articulations of Nature and Race in Eighteenth-Century Moravian Mission Fields
BJ Lillis Princeton University Losing Shekomeko: Mohicans, Moravians, and the Dynamics of Dispossession in the Colonial Hudson Valley
Rachel Wheeler Indiana University-Purdue University, Indianapolis Moravians, Missions, and Settler Colonialism in the Eighteenth Century

5. 2:00-3:30. PPHAC 102. Moravians and Land in Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century America and Africa 

Link to Recording on Moravians and Land in Eighteenth-and Nineteenth-Century America and Africa

Moderator: Richard Anderson, Moravian University
Sharon Muhlfeld Moravian University To Preach, Celebrate, and Discuss: Delawares and their Moravian Neighbors in the Revolutionary Ohio Valley
Menja Holtz Technical University of Brunswick Moravians and the Lenape Land in Fairfield, Canada, in the Early Nineteenth Century
Maximilian Rose University of Hamburg Africanness, Personal Failure, and Interactions with “Heathens” in the Writing of the Euro-African Missionaries Christian Protten and Philip Quaque

6. 4:00-5:30. PPHAC 101. Legacies of Racism and Slavery in Moravian Communities in the Twentieth Century 

Link to Recording on Legacies of Racism and Slavery in Moravian Communities in the Twentieth Century

Moderator: Belinda Waller-Peterson, Moravian University
Frank Crouch Moravian University Rev. Dr. Charles Martin: A Black Immigrant Moravian’s Resistance to Slavery’s Legacies, 1908-42
Crystal Jannecke Cornerstone Institute, South Africa A South African Moravian Mission Experience in the 20th Century: Land, Slavery, Race and Community
Felicity Jensz University of Münster (Re)claiming Land in Enemy Territories: Moravians in the Aftermath of WWI

7. 4:00-5:30. PPHAC 102. Legacies of Racism and Land in Contemporary Moravian Communities 

Link to Recording on Legacies of Racism and Land in Contemporary Moravian Communities

Moderator: Craig Atwood, Moravian University
Riddick Weber Moravian University Desegregating Sunrise: The Vexing Legacies of Segregation for Modern Liturgical Practice
Jørgen Bøytler Moravian Church, Christiansfeld, Denmark The Moravian Church, Land, and People in the Contemporary World

5:50-6:00pm. PPHAC 101. Concluding Remarks. 

Link to Recording on Concluding Remarks

Moravian University is located in "Lenapehoking," the traditional homelands of the Lenape, whose homeland includes Delaware, New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania, and Southern New York.  We honor the traditional Native inhabitants of these lands and revere their historic and everlasting relationships with this land, which is their ancestral homeland.