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The Discipline of Neuroscience

According to US News and World Report, there are 367 undergraduate Neuroscience programs across the country.  This is not surprising. 

The discipline of Neuroscience has been a quickly rising field in the natural sciences.  In 1969, the Society for Neuroscience boasted a mere 400 members. Currently, its membership has soared to over 40,000. Compared to other areas within the natural sciences, Neuroscience is still in its relative infancy.  Since there is so much to discover, it can be very attractive to future scientific explorers.

Prospective students are coming to understand that the term "neuroscientist" is used broadly to describe one who works in this field, but many of these scientists pursue a career in a specialized area of neuroscience.  Some specialty areas involve the study of the nervous system or brain, while others involve the study of how the system and brain interact with external or internal factors. The following is just a sampling of the types of professions that may be pursued within the framework of Neuroscience:

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  • Behavioral/Cognitive Neuroscientist Studies functions such as perception, learning, and memory
  • Clinical Neuroscientist Applies research to prevent and treat neurological disorders
  • Developmental Neuroscientist Studies how the brain grows and changes
  • Neuroanatomist Studies the nervous system's anatomy
  • Neurobiologist Studies the nervous system's biology
  • Neurochemist Studies the nervous system's chemistry
  • Neuropathologist Studies nervous system diseases
  • Neuropharmacologist Studies how different medicines affect the nervous system or behavior
  • Neurophysiologist Studies the composition of the nervous system
  • Neuropsychologist Studies relationships between the brain and behavior
  • Neurosurgeon Performs surgery on the nervous system
  • Additional Health Related Professions Physician Assistants, Dentists, Audiologists, Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, Pharmacist (
  • Public Health
  • Science Writing

Life After Moravian: Where Our Graduates Go

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Recent Graduates
% of Graduates Sample of Placements
26% Graduate Schools – Neuroscience, Clinical Psychology, etc. at some of the following institutions: Drexel, Thomas Jefferson, University of Rochester, West Chester U, Kutztown U
16% Research Technicians – UC Davis, Drexel U
11% Medical Schools – Mayo Medical School, PCOM, Rocky Vista U, Geisinger Med

Physician Assistant and Athletic Training Programs – Arcadia U, Moravian University

11% Teaching – Allentown School District, Kids Peace, Notre Dame HS, Lehigh Valley Academy
5% Pharmaceutical – Sanofi Pasteur
5% Veterinary Medical School  - Ohio State U
5% Science Writer – Washington D.C.
5% Public Health Graduate Program
5% TBD