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Serving at the homeless shelter (from left to right): 
Paul Chowansky ’78, Al Nesbitt ’73, Ed Dulac ’72,
 Linn Schueck ’73, John Harting ’71, John Diacogiannis ’71, William “Rick” Eberts Jr. ’73, and Dean Donaher, PhD ’75

Beta Brothers

Serve the Homeless

By John Harting '71

Established in the fall of 1966, the Beta Lambda Chi fraternity had a good run on campus until 1995. Many of the friendships formed have deepened over the years as brothers meet regularly for breakfast.

Last winter, the Betas did more than gather for breakfast and enjoy each other’s company. In January and again in February, we formed a team to assist Bethlehem Emergency Sheltering with the manpower required to meet the needs of Bethlehem’s homeless for a night.

Rev. Gary Marsh ’74, who is president of Bethlehem Emergency Sheltering, coordinated the effort. On a brutally cold and snowy night in January, brothers nevertheless came from as far away as Lancaster to tend to the needs of Bethlehem’s homeless. We reported to the shelter at Christ Church United Church of Christ on Market Street, where we registered guests, prepared and served the evening meal, provided supervision and security all night, and prepared and served breakfast prior to the guests leaving for the day.

“It was a very humbling experience,” says William “Rick” Eberts Jr. ’73. “It is all about helping others, and we worked together as one, helping out wherever we could. We learned a great deal from all the folks we served on both occasions. We were all truly doing God’s work.”