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Confessions of a Money Queen

Confessions of a Money Queen

Days from launching a new business is not the time when most entrepreneurs would decide to write a book, but that’s exactly what financial author, blogger, and speaker Jessica (Foran) Weaver ’10 did last November as she prepared to open her financial firm Women’s Wealth Boutique.

By Meghan Decker Szvetecz ’08

“Right during that time, I got this, what I call a ‘download from God’ about my now third book. It came out of me in a week! I would be driving home from work, and I would be recording it into my phone and later transcribing it, or I would literally pull over and start writing it out,” Weaver says of her third book, Confessions of a Money Queen, released this August. Her latest title promotes 10 money moves to claim your power and prosperity and discusses the imperative shift from scarcity mode to abundance mode.

Weaver explains: “I was so scarcity-minded regarding time—trying to take care of my two kids, getting work done, and transitioning to my own firm. Our daycare never reopened, so we had to find a new one at the last minute and get my kids settled in a new spot. And I realized if I am feeling tight in any area of my life, it is going to block money coming into my life.

“You won’t take advantage of opportunities because in your mind, you don’t have time for them or you are too tired to pursue them,” she further explains. “This is where I was. I felt strapped for time so there was no way I could bring on more clients, which immediately blocked more money coming into my life. To be in an abundant state with your money, you need to be in an abundant state in all areas of your life.”

All clients are impacted by their past “money wounds and scars,” says the former economics major, and it’s her job to uncover the root cause of what’s been dictating their financial decisions. “Because no matter what, those old wounds or old stories or beliefs are always going to sabotage any type of investment, so the more we can heal our relationship with money, the more we can forgive our past mistakes and get very clear on what the real purpose of money is in our life.”

Women’s Wealth Boutique, based in Chester, New Jersey, where Weaver resides with her husband, fellow Hound Eric Weaver ’10, serves as a one-stop shop for women to gain control of their money with the help of Weaver’s all-female team.

Weaver also empowers women around the globe with her books, weekly blog, virtual workshops, podcast and television appearances, and more. As for what’s next, Weaver says she plans to grow her company by adding more financial advisors, launching a virtual magazine and documentary series in 2022, and making her next book a collaboration with all her advisors.

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