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Graduates of Moravian College have earned top spots on the rosters of big businesses, proving the power of a liberal arts education at a little college in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, and the smarts, skills, and grit of its students. Here’s a sampling of that success.

Meet four Greyhounds 
at the top of their games in pharmaceuticals, communications, retail, and entertainment.


marcus landing page.jpg

David Marcus

Senior Vice President and Chief Litigation Counsel 
Comcast Cable, Philadelphia

Class of 1988, BS in math, minor in physics

“There’s a direct application of math and physics to the practice of law.”



dailey landing page.jpg

Brian Dailey

Executive Vice President of Media
Solstice Studios, Los Angeles

Class of 1990, BS in business and mathematics

“Fostering a respectful work environment is priority one. A happy team works harder because they want to, and that’s how you deliver the best results.”


rogers landing page.jpg

Dawn Rogers

Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer
Pfizer, New York City

Class of 1989, BS in psychology

“It is much easier to be good at something you really love than a job that’s just a job you do every day.”



conforti landing page.jpg

Frank Conforti

Chief Financial Officer
Urban Outfitters, Philadelphia
Class of 1998, BS in accounting

“There is a way to get your job done and then there is a way to do your job well. I’ve been focused on adding value in any way that I can in any role I have had.”


illustrations by Sharon Watts