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Adriana Facchiano

Adriana Facchiano ’19

Baucus & Company Endowed Scholarship
Harlan F. Fulmer, MD, and M. Eleanor Kern Fulmer Scholarship

When Adriana Facchiano set foot on Moravian University’s campus, she enrolled with an eye to becoming a doctor, but she wasn’t entirely confident about traveling down the premedicine track. By the end of her freshman year, she had discovered neuroscience, and from there, her Moravian University experience took off.

She has served as a 26-Point Ambassador, clocked hours of service-learning experience in the Bethlehem School District, and logged 100 hours shadowing various clinicians at St. Luke’s University Health Network.

In August, she was selected as one of 15 Moravian students to participate in the global pilot of the Millennium Fellowship, a selective United Nations-backed program. And in December 2018, she traveled to Poland for the annual United Nations Climate Change Conference.
 “I never imagined I would have these types of experiences in college,” says Facchiano.

She never imagined she would do a research project, either, but Cecilia Fox, professor of neuroscience, asked Facchiano to be her research student through SOAR (Student Opportunities for Academic Research), which evolved into an honors project.

“For my potential to be recognized by my professors before I even realized it has been so important,” Facchiano continues. “They were the ones who recommended me for leadership positions, informed me of opportunities, and taught me the value of networking. Realizing my potential, stepping out of my comfort zone, and acting on those opportunities has made all the difference.”

With several medical school interviews approaching, Facchiano looks forward to pursuing her dream of becoming a doctor. She’s come full circle. But none 
of it would have happened without the generosity of Moravian’s alumni. “Without the scholarship support,” Facchiano says, “I wouldn’t have even been able to go to college.” Her gratitude is abundant.