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Moravian College students working on Macbook laptops on historic campus in Bethlehem, PA
Student Development

Student Development

The mission of our office is to maintain an environment that is conducive to the College's mission and vision by promoting knowledge of the Student Code of Conduct among members of the campus community. We seek to educate and challenge students to examine how their behavior impacts others, through self-reflection, leadership development, and service to their community. We also provide reporting options for College policy violations and resolution procedures that are fair and equitable for all parties involved.


Our philosophy and approach to student conduct at Moravian College is one of education, focusing on student learning through individual growth and personal responsibility. Violations of College policy as outlined in the Community Standards section of the Student Code of Conduct can be considered steps away from the individual's goals and from the Moravian Community. We seek to help our students learn from decisions and understand the impact it has not only on themselves but their community. Our hope is to prepare our students to become thriving members of both the Moravian College community and the world. 


"I have learned my lessons from this process and it has impacted me significantly, in more ways I could imagine. I cannot stress the importance of how bad drinking and driving is."

"I have learned how to effectively change the path I am on to better my future not only here at Moravian but after I leave."

"I have learned that the rules that are set forth by the college are not to get people in trouble but to protect the students, and they are only doing their job."