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Code of Conduct


This explains why the Code of Conduct exists.


This explains our office’s approach to student accountability 


This explains who the Code applies to and when students are accountable to Moravian University’s Code of Conduct.

Community Standards

This explains specific policies that students are accountable to and more specific language around those policies.

Accountability Process

This is a flowchart of our process. It details what can potentially come about after our office receives information. 


This explains the sanctions students can receive when they have been found responsible for violating the Community Standards following an Accountability Meeting or a hearing through the Accountability Panel.  Additionally, in a Student Development context, sanctions can be assigned for a student to achieve further learning.


This explains who is privy to the records kept by the Office of Student Accountability and Conflict Transformation. It also explains how those records would be released and the situations in which our office and the University allow them to be released. Information about our Sealed Records policy and a link to the Sealed Records.

Other College Policies