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Student Code of Conduct

Moravian University students walking across historic campus in Bethlehem, PA

Student Code of Conduct

The purpose of the Student Code of Conduct is to establish the University's values and expectations of its students. The Code specifies the process used to address alleged policy violations and implement sanctions. All students and student organizations will be held accountable to the policies and resolution processes outlined in the Code.

We understand that the conduct process may be unfamiliar because of the ways it differs from criminal and civil proceedings. The goal of the process is to determine what occurred and if there is a violation of University policy. You will be provided the opportunity to share your perspective of what happened. If you have any questions regarding any portion of the Student Code of Conduct please contact us at 610-861-1503. 

Below are informational links regarding our policies and process:


Student Development

Lower Level of the HUB
Bethlehem, PA 18018

Phone: 610-861-1503
Fax: 610-625-7794

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