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Warren County Community College

General Requirements

Moravian University requires all students to complete a distribution of liberal studies courses in addition to the major requirements. If a Warren County College course meets a requirement in LinC, you will see letter-and-numeral designations in the "Meets LinC Guideline" column of the course equivalencies.

Transferring Credits

You may transfer up to 64 credits into your degree program at Moravian University. Only those credits earned with a grade of C (not C–) or better are transferable. Some courses may meet Learning in Common (LinC) requirements outlined on the following pages; some may transfer as electives; and some may meet requirements in your major. Courses not in this brochure probably do not transfer, and some departments prefer the major requirements be completed at Moravian. When in doubt, ask an advisor.

Course Values: Credit Hours and Course Units

Your courses at Warren County College are measured in credit hours per semester. For example, your English I course is worth 3 credits. Courses at Moravian University are measured in course units, and each course unit is worth 4 credits. When your courses transfer from Warren County College to Moravian University, the credit hours are converted to course units (Warren County College’s English I at 3 credits is equal to .75 course units at Moravian). Moravian’s baccalaureate degree programs require 32 course units (=128 credits).  


Moravian University offers majors in more than 35 fields, many of which are available through Graduate and Continuing Studies during evening hours.

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