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Children’s Book Project

Fostering Curiosity and Exciting the Next Generation

Let's go on a journey through Tastyland with Mike and his new friends, a wide variety of food groups! Or observe microorganisms that cannot be seen with the naked eye! Maybe learn more about yoga and mindfulness with Pep, an elf! There are numerous, fascinating topics and questions to be answered in the world of science and mindfulness. These fields are further explored and communicated to different audiences in First Year Writing Seminars (FWYS) with Dr. Thevenin and Dr. Baxter. During the semester, students collaborate and design children's books to communicate science and mindfulness to elementary school students. 

Creators & Contributors of Project

  • Dr. Anastasia Thevenin (Moravian University Department of Biological Sciences)
  • Dr. Kristin Baxter (Moravian University Art Department)
  • Isabel Batres '21

First Year Writing Seminar Books

Microbiology, Cell Biology, and Human Health

Coronavirus Cover

Margaret Trexler

It's Not Monsters, It's Microbiology

Read Margaret's book

Tastyland Cover

John Geiger and Michael Shimer (Fall 2018)

Journey to Tastyland

Read John's book

Microbe cover

Kaitlyn Nemes

Microbe, Microbe, What Do You See?

Read Kaitlyn's book

Jared Whitmarsh (Fall 2020)

DNA Guy & the Cell

Read Josh's book


Photon Cover

Nicholas Stout and Safa Turkdonmez (Fall 2018)

The Adventures of Mr. Photon

Read Nicholas' and Safa's book

Physics and Engineering

Sparky Cover

Timothy Byrne (Fall 2020)

Sparky the Piston

Read Timothy's book

Ecology, Geology, and Evolution

Ash Cover

Cameron Cooper (Fall 2020)

Ash in the Pacific

Read Cameron's book

Biomes Cover

Emily Kave and Nathan Gingrich (Fall 2020)

Biomes of the World

Read Emily's & Nathan's book

Yoga and Mindfulness

Timmy Cover

Elizabeth Barnes (Fall 2020)

Timmy Goes to the Zoo

Read Elizabeth's book

Pep Cover

Ben Carline (Fall 2020)

Pep's Mindful Holiday

Read Ben's book

Mind Cover

Amanda Dougherty (Fall 2020)

Bella's Mind 

Read Amanda's book

Yoda Cover

Courtney Gordan (Fall 2020)

Yoda's Yoga Adventure

Read Courtney's book

Sid Cover

Kiara Morales (Fall 2020)

Sid's Yoga Adventure

Read Kiara's book

Mindy Cover

Grainne Schroeder (Fall 2020)

Mindy and Fully

Read Grainne's book

Yoga Cover

Alexa Vail (Fall 2020)

Cat and Giraffe Do Yoga

Read Alexa's book

Unique Cover

Kaleigh Weber (Fall 2020)

What Makes Me Unique!

Read Kaleigh's book