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Please view the Moravian University Course Catalog for a complete list of course offerings.

(Please note that courses marked with an asterisk (*) do not count toward the Biology major or minor.)

Courses Offered Fall Semester 2024

  • BIOL103. Human Anatomy and Physiology I for Nursing Majors (Bortz)*
  • BIOL106. Human Anatomy and Physiology I for Health Science Majors (Scifers)*
  • BIOL108. Anatomy & Physiology of the Speech & Hearing Mechanism (McCoy)*
  • BIOL110.2. First-Year Bioscience Seminar (Lord, McClelland, Staff)
  • BIOL111. Foundations of Biology (Mosovsky, Lord, Jones)
  • BIOL212. General Zoology (McClelland)
  • BIOL263. Neuroscience (Fox)
  • BIOL266. Cell & Molecular Biology (Thévenin)
  • BIOL327. Biochemistry I (Dunham)
  • BIOL330. Marine Ecology (Lord)
  • BIOL340. Immunology (Mosovsky)
  • BIOL360. Ecology (Proud)
  • BIOL363. Genomics (Jones)
  • BIOL372. Seminar: Conservation Physiology (McClelland)
  • BIOL398. Human Anatomy (Fox)

Courses Offered Spring Semester 2024

  • BIOL104. Human Anatomy and Physiology II (Bortz)*
  • BIOL107. Human Anatomy and Physiology II for Health Science Majors (Bortz)*
  • BIOL111. Foundations of Biology (Lord, Woods, McClelland)
  • BIOL195. Tropical Biodiversity and Conservation (Proud)
  • BIOL197/297. Discovering the Animals of Costa Rica (McClelland)
  • BIOL206. Microbiology for Health Sciences (Mosovsky)*
  • BIOL210. Genetics (Jones)
  • BIOL/IDIS217. From Ape to Madonna (Proud)
  • BIOL219. Introductory Botany (Woods)
  • BIOL220. Biostatistics (Proud)
  • BIOL232. Field Marine Ecology (Lord)
  • BIOL328. Biochemistry II (Thévenin)
  • BIOL335. Evolution (Proud)
  • BIOL370A. Seminar: Nature Documentaries, Real or Reel? (McClelland)
  • BIOL370B. Seminar: Cancer Biology (Thévenin)