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Center for Global Education

Student Stories


Study Abroad Spotlight: South Africa

Alicia Soules, Class of 2019

“Take the opportunity while you can. Yeah, it’s going to be scary, but just do it and be open minded. It’ll be the best experience you'll ever have.”

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Study Abroad Spotlight: Spain

Anastasia Anastasopoulos, Class of 2018

"It is normal to have millions of unanswered questions. However, the easiest way to uncover those answers is to simply live in the moment and let your experience abroad unfold."

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Study Abroad Spotlight: Chile

Rob Puszka, Class of 2017

"Regardless of where you go, you’re going to learn something, but go somewhere where people don’t usually go."

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Study Abroad Spotlight: China

Chris Dunn, Class of 2015

“Even if it’s not for your major, just go. Do it for the experience."

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