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Morning Call: Moravian College students combating sexual assaults on campus. Here’s how

Morning Call (September 19, 2019): Moravian College's student government has invested in door viewers in a freshmen dormitory. Here, a resident assistant Britney Blaise hangs a sign below the door viewer. (Courtesy of Moravian College / The Morning Call)

Moravian College senior Matt Geary knows that sexual assaults happen on every college campus, including the Bethlehem one.

That’s why Geary, president of the United Student Government at Moravian, and others have invested money allocated to them by the college in initiatives to combat sexual assaults, such as cameras on shuttles, door viewers in dormitories and T-shirts promoting consent.

“We acknowledge that sexual violence is an issue on campus,” Geary said. “So let’s do something about it.”

This fall, Geary and the student government are working to install door viewers — also known as peep holes and similar to ones that hotel rooms and apartments have. The long-term goal is for every dormitory to have one, but for now, about 70 door viewers have been placed in a freshman hall. The purpose is to allow students to see who is knocking on their door before opening it to someone who could be harmful.


This article originally appeared on the Morning Call website on September 19, 2019.  To read it on the Morning Call website, please visit Moravian College students combating sexual assaults on campus. Here’s how