Study Abroad

As a Moravian University undergraduate, there are many opportunities to study, travel, volunteer, or work abroad.  The Center for Global Education arranges study abroad opportunities for the semester or academic year.

Before applying to study abroad, the Accessibility Services Center (ASC) encourages students to meet with a member of the Center for Global Education staff and ASC.  Doing so can help students determine what they need to consider in making decisions and identifying suitable programs to pursue. 

Disability Accommodations

The rights of people with disabilities differ significantly by country.  Many countries may recognize disability rights but not all.  Facilities or support services may be limited or not available at all. However, many programs and institutions abroad provide accommodations to make it possible for students with disabilities to have successful study, work, volunteer, or internship experiences abroad. In addition, there are sources of information and support in the U.S. and here on campus.

If the student requires disability accommodations, they must request information from the host institution to learn about the process and funding for accommodations before applying to that institution. If the disability raises the likelihood that the student will need fairly significant medical or mental health support services while abroad, be sure to inquire about availability, quality, cost, language, etc.  The Center for Global Education and the ASC staff can assist you in communicating with the institution if needed.