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Learning to be yourself and dealing with other people's perception of you can be hard for anyone. This process can be especially stressful or tough for students who are members of he LGBTQ+ community. In fact, they can face unique issues when it comes to mental health. Despite rapidly growing cultural acceptance of diverse sexual and romantic orientations and gender identifications, oppression, discrimination, and marginalization of LGBTQ+ people persists. Coping with discrimination and oppression, coming out to one's family, and sorting out an "authentic" sense of self in the face of social expectations and pressures can lead to various challenges and concerns.

Get the support you need

Simply identifying as a member of the LGTBQ+ community does not mean that one needs support or help. However, sometimes LGBTQ+ individuals may experience feelings of fear, isolation, shame, and guilt that have been internalized as a result of hurtful external factors.  Some of these factors include discrimination, prejudice, denial of civil and human rights, harassment, family rejection, and/or fear of reactions from others. It is often these external variables that push people to seek out support. Counseling provides a supportive, safe environment to talk about your experiences an dhow they might impact your thoughts and emotions. 

Below are some areas in which speaking with a counselor can be beneficial: 

  • Coping with discrimination (social rejection, verbal bullying, physical bullying, sexual assault) and/or oppression
  • Exploration of "coming out" to others 
  • Feelings of questioning, at odds, or confusion about your gender identity or sexual orientation
  • Feelings of tension, "stuckness," uncertainty
  • Feeling misunderstood or isolated 
  • Difficulty understanding, labeling, and expressing feelings 
  • Desire to better understand your own or another's sexual orientation or gender identity
  • Facilitating self-exploration, self-understanding, self-acceptance, and self-esteem
  • Working to value and esteem your sexual orientation and gender identity

We at the Counseling Center are affirming counselors. We are committed to serving all students in an open and non-judgmental space, and will support your goals and individual needs. 


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