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Support the Art Department during Moravian's Days of Giving

Art Department

Support the Art Department during Moravian's Days of Giving

Working at the forefront of new teaching, learning, and technology approaches, the Art Department is grounded in strong, traditional foundations. Our program lays the groundwork for students to integrate and appreciate art throughout their lives and encourages leadership in their field and the global community. Students in majors all across the University take courses in all of our tracks, adding to a well-rounded, comprehensive education. Our students demonstrate an understanding of the diversity and complexity of subject matter, including the richness and importance of the creative process for individuals in a global society.

Q&A with Art Department Interim Chair MaryJo Rosania Harvie

What are your group's current initiatives that need support during Days of Giving?

Our facilities need an upgrade. We are grateful that our junior and senior art students have the use of a single or double studio space. However, we hope to upgrade our art studio classrooms with the latest furniture and technologies to provide space for innovation and creativity.

We are looking to add more opportunities for students to engage with the community and gain real-world experience through galleries, public art displays, and interaction with the local community. We also hope to offer an MFA program in the art department in the upcoming years.

What is a recent notable achievement or success?

We have been able to open our student studios twice a year, as well as host a Senior Thesis exhibition yearly. In the past year, we have implemented internships for all majors. Graphic and Interactive Design and Art Education have long provided their graduates with real-world experiences, now we are excited to offer this to art majors in all tracks.

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