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Moravian College


Vibrant Academic Community. Passion for Art. Infinitely Curious Minds.

MISSION STATEMENT: The Moravian College Art Department cultivates a vibrant academic community committed to creative and critical thinking. Our faculty and students share a passion for art as a celebration of the mind’s imaginative and intellectual powers. Art is by nature an interdisciplinary and transcultural field that invites students to consider how art reflects and shapes society, politics, ethics, and culture. At Moravian College, art-making is a form of meaning-making that relies on invention, research, and an infinitely curious mind to construct new knowledge, foster self-expression, and explore visual communication. Students are given the opportunity to unleash their creativity through dynamic projects that embrace risk-taking, problem-solving, revision, and self-reflection.


The Moravian College Art Department works at the forefront of new approaches grounded in strong traditional foundations. The College provides an art school experience in a liberal arts environment.The department offers innovative hands-on learning and professional experiences including:


 In-house graphic and interactive design studio

 Student teaching

 Exhibitions on- and off-campus

 Visiting guest lectures

 Study abroad experiences

 Participation in conferences, workshops, and presentations

Our program lays the groundwork for students to integrate and appreciate art throughout their lives, encouraging leadership in their fields and within the global community. Under the mentorship of our outstanding faculty, our students are provided with a strong, personalized academic major, combined with innovative hands-on learning experiences and opportunities for community engagement and collaboration.