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Alumni Profiles

Jonathan Latiano, "Flight of the Baiji," 2014, Driftwood, bleach, plexiglass, halogen light and steel, 14 ft. x 17 ft. x 50 ft.

Alumni Profiles

Studio Art Spotlight: Jonathan Latiano, Class of 2006

As an installation sculptor, Jonathan is interested in where elements of his art are physically and metaphorically beginning and ending, and site-specificity has become a vital factor in his body of work.

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Kelsey King

Art Education Spotlight: Kelsey Rumpf,
Class of 2014

Kelsey found her dream art education job within a few months of graduating from Moravian University.

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Chelsea Kaufman

Art History Spotlight: Chelsea Kaufman, Class of 2015

Chelsea is studying for her doctorate in Egyptian art and archaeology at Johns Hopkins. She has a master of arts in archaeology from Yale, where her thesis focused on ceramic remains from Catfish Cave, Lower Nubia/Upper Egypt.

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Tracy Laurie-Lakhram

Graphic and Interactive Design Spotlight: Tracy Laurie-Lakhram, Class of 2017

Tracy is a Marketing Designer at Penguin Young Readers. She started as an intern there, following in the footsteps of her instructor, Camille Murphy.

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