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Student Studio, Moravian University


Studios & Labs

Moravian University studios/labs are available for students in art classes to use anytime, day or night when there are no classes scheduled in the room. The photo lab has specific lab hours posted on the door when photo lab assistants are available.

Art Education – South Hall 104

Art Education classes take place in South Hall 104. The classroom has large work tables for doing hands-on projects, and a small table similar to those in elementary classrooms. The room also has drying shelves and a variety of art and craft supplies and equipment. There is a podium with a digital projector and document camera.

Printmaking and Visual Foundations – Room 008

Printmaking and Visual Foundations - Room 008

Room 008 is for classes in Visual Foundations, Printmaking, and some Drawing classes. The room houses 19 drafting tables. Cabinets are available containing a wide variety of material for still-life use. Students use life models in drawing classes; model stands and other equipment are available for models.

Moravian’s printmaking facility enables students to work in a number of printmaking techniques, including drypoint, woodcut, linocut, collagraph, monoprint, solarplate, photo etching with solarplate, and silkscreen.

Printmaking equipment includes presses for various media, UV light boxes, and a complete silkscreen facility including a four-color garment screen printing machine, fabric tables, and an enclosed exposure unit. Papermaking is also briefly introduced in class and is offered in a number of special workshops. Printmaking is taught as a complete semester class as well as a half-unit class, Printmaking and Book Arts. A course in screen printing is also offered.

Ceramics and 3-D – Room 009A

Ceramics and 3-D - Room 009A

Students in the Moravian University Ceramics Lab use stoneware and porcelain to create hand-built and wheel-thrown pieces. Low-firing clays are also used for special projects. The lab holds 4 electric potter's wheels, a kick wheel, and a slab roller. Firing is done in two electric kilns. A wide variety of glazes are available at the glazing station; also, minerals are available for students to use to make glazes from scratch. The ceramics lab is also used for the course Three-Dimensional Design (3-D).

Painting – Room 009

Painting - Room 009

All painting classes and some drawing classes are in Room 009. The painting studio contains heavy-duty easels and rolling carts for 18 students.  Skeletons and still-life set-ups are available for drawing and painting projects. There are a limited number of folding easels for working outdoors.  Lighting equipment, drawing boards, glas palettes, and drying racks are available. A limited number of lockers are available for painting students.

Student Studios – Second Floor

Student Studios - Second Floor

Senior art students in the courses Advanced Studio Seminar and Senior Projects work in individual or shared studio spaces on their senior thesis projects, both during class time and for individual work outside class. Art Club Open Studio Night gives students an opportunity to display their best work in their studios for the entire college community. 

Graphic and Interactive Design and Media Labs - Hill 309
& Room 007

Graphic and Interactive Design and Media Lab - Hill 309

Moravian University has two state-of-the-art computer labs equipped for graphic and interactive design and media, including digital photography and video. Both labs have Mac computers with the full Adobe Creative Suite including InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator installed. Other media programs are also installed on each computer, such as Sketch, Premiere, and AfterEffects. 

Also included in the labs are several flatbed scanning stations.

Black-and-white printers and 11x17 color printers are available in both labs. A large-format printer, which can print up to 42 inches wide, is located in Room 007, in addition to an Epson 44" photo printer.

In Room 007, part of the space is designated as a Studio South meeting area.

There is also a comparably equipped Macintosh lab in Memorial Hall, Main Campus, to enable students living on Main Campus to work outside of class time without traveling to Hurd (South) Campus.

Photo Lab

Photo Lab, Historic Procedures Darkroom

The Photo Lab contains two darkrooms: a large darkroom with fourteen enlargers for traditional silver-gelatin processing, and a smaller darkroom dedicated to historic procedures such as tintype, daguerreotype, and other processes. Various specialized equipment is available, including a vapor light set-up. Dedicated photo student assistants staff the photo lab who set up the lab and assist beginning students. A posted schedule of lab hours is on the door.