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Art Internships

Art Department Internships


Internships provide wonderful opportunities for students to have a real-world experience in the visual arts. They are great resume-builders and provide networking opportunities for future career possibilities. The insights learned in an internship provide invaluable lessons in preparation for life after graduation.

Internships are available in any art track:

Graphic and Interactive Design

Majors are required to take ART 373, Graphic Design Internship, in the spring semester of the senior year. As part of the course requirements, students spend 12 hours per week at an internship. Students apply for an internship as though they were applying for a job, with a portfolio and website showcasing their graphic and interactive design work.  Some of our recent internship sites have included Michael Kors and Redbook Magazine in New York City. Other students have interned at local sites like Rodale Press, Artsquest, or Olympus, and some intern on campus for offices like the Athletic Department.  Some students also opt to take additional internships over a summer or in an additional semester.   Students are encouraged to arrange their own internships in an area of special interest; some past sites have included Ironpigs Baseball and Burpee Seeds. One student with a video interest did an internship at HBO in New York City.

Pictured: Caitlyn Heil 2016 with the spread she designed at her internship at Redbook Magazine

Studio Art

As part of ART 375, Professional Practices, students work with a professional artist on responsibilities such as publicity and website development, business practices and promotion.  Many students also opt to complete an internship with an artist or arts organization. Seeking out and working with an artist is an important part of the learning experience.

Art Education

Students complete field experiences at various levels throughout their program, building toward the ultimate internship—student teaching—in spring of the senior year.  

Art History

Students work with local arts organizations such as ArtsQuest, the Allentown Art Museum, the Kemerer Museum, Artfully Elegant, and other museums, galleries, and arts organizations to learn career possibilities and network with potential employers.  

For specific requirements and advice about internships, please check Amos and speak to your faculty adviser.

Student Profile: Emily Marchello, Class of 2016, Art History Major

Visual Administrative Intern at ArtsQuest, Summer 2015

While Emily interned at ArtsQuest, she provided the following description:

Over the summer I am working at ArtsQuest as the Visual Arts Administrative Intern. So far I have been able to gain a lot of gallery experience—prepping the galleries for a show, hanging the show, doing the wall lettering, lighting, and then eventually taking down the show. I also take part in the administrative duties, such as updating classroom posters, entering camp evaluations into a spreadsheet, taking photos for marketing use, attending meetings, along with so many other tasks. I have really enjoyed the variety of experiences that my internship has been able to offer me, like being able to meet and talk to the resident artists, as well as being able to take part in several of the programs that ArtsQuest offers. I really feel like everything I did will help me as I take the next step to becoming an art historian.

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