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First-Generation Center

First Gen

First Hounds: The Center for First-Generation Students at Moravian University

First-generation college students are the first in their immediate families to attend college/university or students for whom neither parent/guardian earned a four-year degree. Parents/guardians may have some college or an associate's degree, but not a bachelor's degree.

Mission: The Center for First-Generation Students is to provide a supportive and welcoming community for first-generation college students, their families, and their communities. Drawing on national best practices and working collaboratively with faculty, staff, and offices from across the campus, we aspire to guide students towards their educational and career goals in a manner that prepares them for successful careers and meaningful lives. We recognize and celebrate first-generation student identity as an asset. First Hounds Proud!

First Hounds: The Center for First-Generation Students will:

  • provide mentoring and guidance to first-generation students;
  • improve first-generation student outcomes;
  • help first-generation students to embrace this aspect of their identity and form a community of first-gens within our campus and
  • empower first-generation students to take on leadership roles and to identify needs for their community.

Did you know?

Moravian University is the home of THE national honor society for first-generation college students. Find out more about Alpha Alpha Alpha here!