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Center for Inclusive Excellence

Black & Latino Male College Readiness Program

Center for Inclusive Excellence

The Center for Inclusive Excellence is located at 1138 Main Street. The Center supports the University's mission to 'prepare each individual for a reflective life, fulfilling careers, and transformative leadership in a world of change' by offering cutting-edge programming in house and across campus, mentorship and student-work opportunities, and network building.

The Center for Inclusive Excellence is frequented because it is conducive to gatherings, the completion of school work, and good energy. Please feel free to stop in and take a look for yourself. You just might become one of our regular visitors!

DEI House

The Center offers you the following spaces:

  • Main-Floor Lounge: The Lounge is equipped with cable television through an Apple TV capable of being paired with smart devices. It further sports a fireplace and a hot beverage serving station. If you hear smooth jazz and smell coffee, you might be in the right place!
  • Kitchen (Main Floor): Our kitchen has the works: a sink, an oven and stovetop, a microwave, and a full-size refrigerator. Whether student groups are cheffing it up for an event or it's an employee's lunch, something always smells good.
  • Conference Room (2nd Floor): The Conference Room is a private space with an Apple TV, a printer and scanner, and an array of office supplies. It is great for completing school work and holding meetings.
  • Clubhouse Lounge (3rd Floor): Our Clubhouse Lounge includes a comfortable seating area with various light fixtures to brighten up the space. The Lounge is great for completing school work, socializing, and meeting with our Team.
  • Special Projects Room (Basement): If you become a member of one of our student organizations, you might be granted VIP access to the coveted Basement space. Here, clubs can store their belongings in a safe space. But please be aware that the space is generally limited.
  • Back Yard: Our outdoor seating area consists of a few tables and a charcoal grill. This spot is perfect for gatherings, particularly during the warmer parts of the year. Occasionally, the Center for Inclusive Excellence and the Center for Global Education (CGE) team up to hold events featuring music, dance, and delicious food (of course!).