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About Us

In order to minimize potential injuries, hazardous risks and conditions, the EHS Department provides leadership, training and consultation to Facilities, Academic Affairs, Resident Life, and Public Safety when it comes to workplace and occupational safety. EHS also perform periodic safety audits to maintain the University's compliance with OSHA, and EPA, regulations along with the City of Bethlehem's safety codes.

The EHS Department is a key part of a coordinated University effort to recognize and eliminate hazards when it comes to the following:

Workplace Safety - EHS strives to maintain a safe working environmental for the Moravian Community whether it be students, faculty, or staff. EHS continues to improve the workplace by identifying different hazards and working with the department or school to eliminate them through implementation of different safety controls including but not limited to training and installing safe work practices to go along with compliance regulations.

Occupational Health - EHS performs routine job hazard analysis to proactively anticipate and recognizing potential hazards in the working environment and developing a plan to eliminate such hazards in order to protect the health and wellbeing of all students, faculty, and staff.

Laboratory Safety - EHS works with the School of Natural Sciences to maintain a safe working environment which minimizes the risks of an injury or illness through training, safe work practices including equipment usage, and consulting outlined in the University's Chemical Hygiene Plan.

Environmental Program - EHS follows the University's goal to sustain safe and healthy environmental practices to minimize its impact on the natural environment by limiting the amount of waste being generated through managing the amount of chemicals being used and treatment of waste. EHS oversees the safe handling, storage, and deposing of wastes that are considered hazardous, nonhazardous, biohazard, electronic waste, and universal waste.

Emergency Response - EHS along with the MUPD work closely to respond and prepare for different types of campus emergencies. EHS provides leadership and consultation to the MUPD including training and building the required infrastructure to work within during an actual emergency. EHS also performs safety audits on emergency equipment vital for the Moravian Community's safety and wellbeing.

Health and Safety for Resident Life and Campus Community - EHS provides leadership and safety consulting when it comes to student safety living on campus and during community events.