General Education

Mission and Outcomes

Overarching Guiding Principles

Inclusiveness - Ensure that every faculty has the ability to contribute to all aspects of the new program; no one department/program can claim ownership on any aspect of the new program

Connections - Raise questions and seek different ways in which knowledge, skills, and attitudes intersect each other in the learning process

Relevance - Provide meaningful ways in which acquisition of knowledge, skills, and attitudes enables and empowers students in pursuit of their learning and career interests

Preamble and Gen Ed Mission Statement

At Moravian University, a liberal arts education emphasizes learning throughout life, respecting the dignity and humanity of all persons, practicing active community engagement, seeking purposeful work in the world, and leading a meaningful life.

Toward these ends, Moravian University’s [general education] curriculum integrates knowledge, attitudes, and skills to promote critical inquiry, creativity and reflection, while connecting disciplinary areas of study with larger networks of learning experiences.

Gen Ed Mission Statement, Learning Outcomes and Objectives - Jan. 30,2020 Draft