General Education

General Education Learning Outcomes

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Gen Ed Drafts

Gen Ed Outcomes - shared on October 10, 2019

Gen Ed Outcomes (Draft 2) - shared on December 10, 2019

Gen Ed Outcomes (Draft 2.5) - shared on January 2020

Gen Ed Outcomes (Draft 3) - for commenting at the February 27, 2020 faculty meeting

Gen Ed Outcomes (Draft 4) - for your reference for the September 25, 2020 faculty meeting

Gen Ed Outcomes (Draft 4.1) -for your consideration during the Spring 2021 workshops


MILE Map and Presentations

"MILE" Map Draft - for your reference for the February 27, 2020 faculty meeting

Presentation of the MILE Program - for your reference for the September 25, 2020 faculty meeting

MILE Proposal Themes (Comments/Questions from Faculty)

Presentation from MILE Workshops - Spring 2021

Ways of Knowing Gen Ed Program - April 16, 2021


Notes on the SWOT analysis on the Gen Ed Outcomes from the October 31, 2019 faculty meeting


Information for Listening Tours - Fall 2021

GenEd Model Comparison - short version

GenEd Model Comparison - long version

Conversation Starter Questions