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Moravian University offers pre-professional health advising to students seeking competitive admission into a variety of health professions programs. These programs include, but are not limited to: medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, veterinary, optometry or physician assistant.

Students may select an advising track in a health profession field when they are admitted to Moravian or at any time during their enrollment. Our Health Professions Advisor is here to help prepare students for professional school applications through guidance with pre-professional health curriculum, admissions test preparation, co-curricular activity involvement and application competitiveness.

Moravian’s pre-professional health program is not an academic major or minor, but rather it is a combination of career development advising and a set of predetermined courses that are widely accepted across the nation for admission requirements.

How to make an appointment

Current students can make an appointment with the Health Professions Advisor by logging into Momentum Then using the menu on the upper left click on "Services", then click "Advising, Pre Health Professions," then click the three dots and you should get an option to schedule an appointment.

Types of advising services

Students can meet with the Health Professions Advisor to discuss various topic related to pursuing a health professions. These topics include, but aren't limited to:

  • Curriculum sequencing, and major selection
  • Education on difference in professions, resources, and career paths
  • Application assistance and timeline preparation
  • Understanding entrance examinations and preparation
  • Personal statement feedback
  • Mock interviews