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Hilde Binford

Dr. Binford

Hilde Binford

Associate Professor of Music (2001)


  • B.A., M.M., Rice University
  • Ph.D., Stanford University


Phone: 610-861-1691
Office: Hurd Campus, Brethren's House, Room 302

Areas of Research and/or Expertise

Western Plainchant; Music of the Old Order Amish; Western music history, especially Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque periods; Traditional American music.


Hilde Binford received her BA in history and Master of Music in music history from Rice University. She then went to Stanford University, where she earned a PhD in musicology. Her dissertation was on Aquitanian introit tropes. Since then, her research has expanded to the music of the Old Order Amish. In the summer of 2005, she was the co-director of the first NEH Institute for Schoolteachers on "Bach Across the Centuries." She continues to present papers at national and international conferences, develop new interdisciplinary courses, and coordinate the biennial conference on Moravian music. When she has time, she plays the fiddle in a contra-dance band and viol da gamba.

In her personal life, Dr. Binford spends her free time traveling with her two sons, Trent and Alex. Together, they have camped in the wetlands of Brazil, stayed in yurts and wigwams in the Canadian wilderness (during winter!), and volunteered in a poor Guatemalan community. She continues to take courses herself -- most recently in math, photography and magic.