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sports rehab hero.jpgMoravian University Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Center
Unveiled in the spring of 2016, our cutting-edge center is one of only three at a liberal arts college to house athletic training, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech-language pathology, and a sports medicine clinic all under one roof, offering students the ideal in interdisciplinary learning and practical skills.

Our Campus

Moravian University continues to improve student education and experience by bringing the latest resources in technology, equipment, classrooms, buildings, and other facilities to campus. Just this year, the college introduced new dining rooms on North and South Campuses, a new Center for Global Education, and a resource pantry for students in need. The physics department received its first images from a collaboration on a robotic observatory at the Mars Desert Research Station near Hanksville, Utah. And the Alumni House is back and newly renovated.

The biggest changes to the landscape over the past five years reflect the college’s academic expansion into health sciences, particularly at the graduate level. Our commitment to technology put Apple laptops and iPads in every student’s hands beginning with 2013’s freshman class and ensures state-of-the-art resources for art and music students.

Our Faculty and Academic Programs

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With a 26 percent increase in faculty and the addition of numerous academic programs, the college is poised for a brilliant future. Learn More

Student Life

entrepreneurial symposium our campus.jpg

Moravian University continues to expand on opportunities for students that enhance their knowledge, skills, and world view and better prepare them to fulfill their vision for their lives. Learn More

Point of Pride:

Moravian University has one of the fastest wireless networks in the country among institutions of higher learning.

Our Campus

From North to South, Moravian's campuses have seen significant renovations and expansions, including a cutting-edge health sciences center.


apple distinguished our campus.jpg

An Apple Distinguished School Moravian University has been recognized as an Apple Distinguished School for 2018–2021. This designation recognizes centers of innovation, leadership, and educational excellence that use technology to inspire creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking and showcase innovative uses of technology in learning, teaching, and the school environment with documented results of academic accomplishment.

Virtual Cadaver Lab 1 our campus.jpg

Sally Breidegam Miksiewicz Center for Health Sciences The center opened its doors in 2017, welcoming undergraduate and graduate students in nursing, health sciences, computer science, and mathematics. The advanced facility includes simulation labs for nursing and the Flicker Virtual Cadaver Lab, the only virtual cadaver lab in the region. In November 2018, the center received LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) silver certification, an impressive achievement for an energy-hungry science facility.

resized steinway our campus.jpg

Music Notes In 2013, Moravian University received designation as an All-Steinway School thanks to a gift from the late Betty Louise Aierstock Moore ’45. The recent installation of a music lab provides students with the equipment to compose and record music digitally. And renovations have just been completed to the recording studio.

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The Zinczenko New Media Center Made possible by a generous gift from David Zinczenko ’91, founder of the media company Galvanized, the media center provides students with eight 27-inch Apple desktop computers, a green screen and top-notch video equipment, and a soundproof recording room.

field hockey our campus.jpg

State-of-the-Art Athletic Fields Both the John Makuvek and Rocco Calvo fields have been upgraded with artificial turf.

3D lab our campus.jpg

New Computer Project Lab Renovations have created a space for student project work that engenders collaboration and innovative thinking. Using the newly acquired 3D printer, computer science students created a model of 
the inner ear to aid the discussion of the vestibular system in health sciences classes. And in collaboration with the biology department, students designed and printed a chamber to facilitate the mating of fruit flies for genetics studies.

Soden our campus.jpg

The Moravian University GreenHounds Fund Established with a generous contribution from Jon Soden 
’91 and his parents, this revolving loan fund supports efforts that advance operational efficiency and reduce the college’s environmental impact. Projects have included the upgrade of lighting throughout campus to energy-efficient bulbs as well as the ongoing installation of occupancy sensors in our buildings. Cost savings are cycled back into the fund.

gallery our campus.jpg

Upgrades to South Campus Payne Gallery now connects to a new permanent collection gallery, and
 a climate-controlled vault was installed for storage of the college’s permanent collection.

moravian book shop our campus.jpg

The Moravian Book Shop The college acquired the oldest bookstore in the country from the Moravian Church Northern Province, thereby preserving this historic treasure. The campus bookstore has moved from the HUB into the shop, strengthening the connection between the North and South Campuses.