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Academic Advising

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Academic Advising

Each psychology major is assigned an advisor who is a member of the Department’s academic faculty. You are encouraged to consult your advisor at any time during the semester regarding any problems encountered.  Other academic resources available throughout the semester include individual instructors, departmental chairs, student deans, academic deans, and the counseling office (located at 1307 Main Street).

It is important that you stay in close contact with your advisor.

Do not wait until registration time to decide what to take or what alternatives to select if the courses you select are not available to you. These are matters which should be discussed and agreed upon before the possible pressures and confusion of the registration period.

Advisor Responsibility

The advisor has the responsibility of assisting you in planning your academic program and approving your proposed coursework as it relates to your major. The responsibility of meeting all academic and graduation requirements rests ultimately with you. The advisor’s function is to give advice or to refer you to another individual or office which can provide further information. Advisors will also assist you in planning for your graduate education or for your psychology-related career.

During the semester, all faculty are required to post their office hours when they are available to students. During registration, advisors have additional hours for their advisees. These hours and time slots will be posted on the office door of your individual faculty advisor. If your advisor’s office hours conflict with your schedule, arrange for an alternate meeting time

Student Responsibility

Students must meet with advisors for approval of course schedules. After you have consulted with your advisor, he or she will clear you for online registration. Advising will go more smoothly during registration week if you take the responsibility for following the directions below:

  • Sign up in advance for an appointment. If you can’t keep the appointment, remove your name from the signup sheet on your advisor’s door in advance so that someone else may use that time slot.
  • Know what graduation requirements you still have to complete—both LinC and psychology requirements.
  • Bring your proposed class schedule (in writing), complete with all course numbers, course titles and time periods. Be sure that you have read the course descriptions and checked the prerequisites for all courses you plan taking and have checked the most recent list of closed courses.
  • Do not wait until the last minute and then expect to see your advisor at your convenience. It is to your advantage to get your proposed class schedule approved as early as possible during the advising period.