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Get ready to see your peers—and yourself—in a whole new light.

At Moravian University, psychology is seen as a primary established body of knowledge that focuses on both human and animal behavior, as a discipline that generates information and discovery by using methods of inquiry employed by the natural and social sciences, and as a field of professional activity that is variously applied to promote human welfare.

Our curriculum includes a wide range of courses intended to contribute to the program of liberal study for students, whatever their fields of concentration, and offers a broad base of prerequisite knowledge at the introductory and intermediate levels for those who declare psychology as a major. Beyond this, students may further define their educational and career objectives by completing courses at the advanced level.

Many courses offer a laboratory or experiential component, including field and observational studies, surveys, simulation and role-playing, and laboratory studies. A computer laboratory is available for research and data analysis. Also, there are opportunities to participate in field study programs, independent study projects, and the Honors program.

You're encouraged to present your research at one or both of two major annual conferences: the Lehigh Valley Undergraduate Psychology Conference or the Psi Chi Undergraduate Research Symposium, held in conjunction with meetings of the Eastern Psychological Association.