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Declaring the Psychology Major

Dunn Class


Ready to make it official? Students planning to major in psychology can declare the major after completing PS 211 (Experimental Methods and Data Analysis I) with a grade of C or better. Freshmen and undeclared upperclassmen are encouraged to seek guidance from a member of the psychology department to assist with course sequencing, despite being undeclared or majoring in another department. 

The process of declaring a major is relatively simple: Make an appointment with the Department Chairperson, who will complete a pink Declaration of Major form to send to the Registrar. You will be given some introductory materials and assigned to one of the six psychology professors as an advisor. 

Certification of Degree

Students, who have completed all academic requirements of the college along with specific Psychology major requirements, must submit their May/December graduation information via AMOS. Your advisor is notified through AMOS and reviews your requirements. Once, the advisor has cleared your status, you may apply for your graduation. To see a list of degree requirements, click here.