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Louise C. Keegan

Associate Professor of Speech-Language Pathology, Associate Dean of Rehabilitation Sciences

Office: SMRC 234
Phone 610-625-7202


PhD, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Applied Language & Speech Sciences
BSc, University College Cork, Ireland, Speech Language Therapy

Research Interests

  • Identifying the linguistic skills of individuals with cognitive communication disorders after traumatic brain injury.
  • Optimal group interventions for individuals with chronic cognitive-communication difficulties after TBI
  • The scholarship of teaching and learning, specifically as related to constructivist approaches including experiential and problem-based learning 

Selected Recent Scholarly Work

Book chapters:

  • Togher, L., Keegan, L.C. & Elbourn, E. (2021). Acquired Speech and Language Disorders after Traumatic Brain Injury. In N.D. Zasler, D.I. Katz and R.D. Zafonte (Eds.) Brain Injury Medicine, 3rd edition. Springer Publishing.
  • Sanders, E., Culshaw, M. & Keegan, L.C. (2021). The Flipped Classroom Model: Empowering Future Clinicians. In J.C. Friberg, C.F. Visconti & S.M. Ginsberg (Eds.) Evidence Based Education in the Classroom: Examples from Clinical Disciplines. Slack Inc.
  • Meulenbroek, P. & Keegan, L.C. (2020). The life participation approach and social reintegration after traumatic brain injury. In A.L. Holland & R.J. Elman (Eds). Neurogenic Communication Disorders and the Life Participation Approach: The Social Imperative in Supporting Individuals and Families (pp. 181-207). Plural Publishing.

Peer- Reviewed Journal Articles:

  • Keegan, L.C., Suger, C, & Togher, L. (2021). Discourse Analysis of Humor after Traumatic Brain Injury. American Journal of Speech-Language Pathology, 30, 2S, 949-961.
  • Keegan, L.C., Murdock, M., Suger, C. & Togher, L., (2020). Improving social interaction: Group rehabilitation after traumatic brain injury. Neuropsychological Rehabilitation, 30, 8, 1497-1522. DOI: 10.1080/09602011.2019.1591464


  • Hoepner, J. & Keegan, L.C. Intersection of healthcare perceptions with renegotiation of self and relationships. International Cognitive Communication Disorders Conference, January 2022.
  • Keegan, L.C., Carr, K. & Krautkremer, C. Linguistic Analysis of Relationships and Affiliation in Traumatic Brain Injury Groups. ASHA Convention, Washington DC, November 2021.
  • Keegan, L.C., Reilley, K., Bailey, M. & Swain, L. Virtual Insight: Adapting a Traumatic Brain Injury Group Treatment Program for Online Delivery. ASHA Convention, Washington DC, November 2021.
  • Keegan, L.C., Bawayan, R., Bergey, C., McCoy, M., Sanders, E, & Kanaimattam, M. Learning as a Process: Implementing a Problem Based Learning Curriculum. ASHA Convention, Washington DC, November 2021.