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What to SHARE

SHARE Team logo has the acronym SHARE in blue letters with a Moravian star to its left. Underneath, in darker blue, the words "Moravian University Support Help and Referral"

What to SHARE

Regardless of your role on campus, you should share information through the SHARE process when you are concerned about an individual member of the community or the community as a whole. The following are examples of situations that should be reported through the SHARE process. This list does not represent all possible scenarios that should result in a report through the SHARE process. When in doubt, consult with a SHARE Team member to determine the best course of action.

  • Behavior that is:
    • Disruptive
    • Aggressive
    • Violent
    • Threatening
    • Concerning
  • Individuals who may be:
    • Suicidal
    • Emotionally distressed
    • Experiencing medical concerns
    • Engaging in substance abuse
    • Exhibiting a change in appearance, mood, etc.
  • Specific examples of things to report:
    • Social media posts with alarming content
    • Escalating anger or aggressive behavior
    • Changes in behavior and appearance
    • Expressions of suicidal ideations
    • Writing about violence or weapons

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