Summer Research Grants

Past Proposals - 2013 Summer

Working from life: Investigating best practices for teaching children to construct their own drawing and painting strategies in a summer art camp
Students: Colleen Hait and Caitlyn Heil
Mentor: Dr. Kristin Baxter

Using a Children’s Art Exhibition as a Curriculum Strategy
Student: Kelsey King
Mentor: Dr. Kristin Baxter

Rediscovering and Including the Women of the Civil Rights Movement, 1945-1975
Student: Casey Hilferty
Mentor: Dr. Jane Berger

The Bethlehem Area During the Great Depression
Student: Kimberly Lescowitch
Mentor: Dr. Jane Berger

Anti-herbivore defense against leaf-cutter ants in myrmecophyte and non-myrmecophyte Cecropia trees in tropical premontane forests of Manu Park, Peru
Students: Alex V. Huynh and Vincent R. Reed
Mentor: Dr. John Bevington

Moravian Music: Editions, Performances, and Celebration
Student: Rachel Ruisard
Mentor: Dr. Hilde Binford

Parental Influences on Language Development in Young Children with and without Hearing Loss: A Longitudinal Investigation
Students: Megan Davis and Lindsay Galasso
Mentor: Dr. Jean L. DesJardin

The Development of Intervention Strategies and Instructional Materials for Children With Childhood Apraxia of Speech
Student: Alyssa Miller 
Mentor: Dr. John R. Dilendik

The Social Psychology of Disability
Student: Shane Burcaw 
Mentor: Dr. Dana S. Dunn

Characterization of Small Molecule Inhibitors of Bacterial Virulence Protein Secretion
Student: Shauna A. Abdouche 
Mentor: Dr. Heather B. Felise

Locked and Unlocked Chains in 3-Space
Student: Alicia Altemose 
Mentor: Dr. Kevin Hartshorn

Free Recall as a Teaching Exercise: Changes in Memory Organization Over Time
Students: Samuel Ansman and Alexandra Giacoletti
Mentor: Dr. Sarah Johnson

An exploration of social class in the context of historic and contemporary American portraiture
Students: Aisling Housel and Tanner Apple
Mentor: Aron G. Johnston Jr., MFA

Monitoring Long-Term Ecological Restoration Efforts in the Little Lehigh Creek Watershed
Students: Rachel Johnson, Dana Fineman, and David Siepietowski
Mentor: Dr. Frank T. Kuserk
(joint funding with the Wildlands Conservancy, the Moravian University Career Center, 
and Wells Fargo Bank)

Preparing a performing edition of the opera La Spartana generosa, ovvero Archidamia
Students: Michael McAndrew and Michael Wisnosky
Mentor: Dr. Larry Lipkis

Faculty and Staff Pay Equity at Moravian University
Student: Melissa Walters
Mentor: Dr. Virginia Adams O'Connell

The Political Economy of Austerity: Greece as a Case Study
Student: Michael Giacoumopoulos 
Mentor: Dr. Gary Olson

Applying Network Analysis to Graphical Representations of Music
Student: Dylan Ricciardi 
Mentor: Dr. Nathan Shank

How Do Teachers Define Their Values & Virtues? An Examination of Moravian University Teacher Action Research Studies 2003-2013 and Teachers' Reflective Responses
Students: Brianne Schoolcraft and Brittany Wilczewski
Mentor: Dr. Joseph M. Shosh

Editing the Orchestral Score of Amy Beach’s Mass in E-flat Major
Student: Sevde Guzel 
Mentor: Dr. Paula Zerkle