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NCUR Travel Grants


Each year the Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR) sponsors the National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR). The conference is attended by thousands of students from the arts, humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences, and it offers attendees a chance to share their scholarly work (including performances and artwork) with their peers. NCUR shifts locations and exact dates every year. An announcement with the current dates and location will be sent out to students midway through the Fall semester. To look up this information yourself, you can go to the CUR website:

The SOAR program will fund approximately 10 students to attend the conference. Applicants do not need to have participated in the SOAR program to apply – any academic research (including performances and artwork) is eligible. The SOAR program will cover the cost of registration, travel, lodging, and food for students selected to attend. In addition, SOAR will make all arrangements for this travel. To facilitate planning, SOAR holds an on-campus application process prior to the NCUR submissions. Students who want to be funded by the college need to submit their abstract to the SOAR committee several weeks prior to the NCUR submission deadline. Midway through the fall semester, emails are sent to all students and all faculty announcing the relevant deadlines.

Please note that acceptance by the SOAR committee does not guarantee acceptance by NCUR. Applications should be sent to


At the time of the conference, a student must have full-time status at the college, be of at least sophomore standing, and have completed at least one full-time semester at Moravian University.

The work to be submitted to NCUR must have been completed while the student was enrolled at Moravian University.

The faculty sponsor must be a current full-time faculty member, an Emeritus faculty member of the college, or a current adjunct faculty member who has taught at the college for at least two full years.