Summer Research Grants

Past Proposals - 2016 Summer

The Delaware River Watershed Initiative: Macroinvertebrate and Fish Community Assessment in the Upper Lehigh River Watershed 
Students: Richard Buffone and Josh Toth
Mentor: Dr. Frank Kuserk

Antibiotic Tolerance: Distinguishing between Classical Resistance and Persistence in a Macrophage Infection Model 
Student: Crystal Collins 
Mentor: Dr. Kara Mosovsky

Effect of a Temperature-sensitive Mutation on Bang-sensitive Mutants in Drosophila melanogaster 
Student: Brandon Dimick 
Mentor: Dr. Christopher Jones

Turtle Population Dynamics in Three Ponds at the Lehigh Gap Nature Center 
Students: Shelby Does and Rob McKinley
& Dr. Frank Kuserk

Recapitulating Immuno-Antimicrobial Synergy against Escherichia coli Infections 
Student: Paige Hart 
Mentor: Dr. Kara Mosovsky

An Algebraic Investigation of Constrained and Bandaged Rubik's Cubes 
Student: Bryan Harvey 
Mentor: Dr. Kevin Hartshorn

Laying the Groundwork for a Writing-Enriched Curriculum at Moravian University 
Student: Christopher Hassay
Mentor:Dr. Crystal Fodrey

Intergenic Effects of Bang-sensitive Mutations in Drosophila melanogaster 
Student: Gautum Kanakamedala 
Mentor: Dr. Christopher Jones

The Neuroprotective Potential of Curcumin in the 6-Hydroxydopamine Model of Parkinson’s Disease 
Student: Loukya Kanakamedala 
& Dr. Cecilia Fox

DNA Cross-linking by Antitumor Active Rhodium Compounds 
Student: Swathi Kanakamedala 
Mentor: Dr. Shari Dunham

Establishing Preliminary Relationships between Peptide Structure and Quorum Sensing Activity in Bacillus cereus 
Student: Jessica Lynch 
Mentor: Dr. Michael Bertucci

Synthesis of Rhodium-DNA Model Complexes 
Student: Austin Mates 
Mentor: Dr. Stephen Dunham

Polyproline Folding: Effect of Chain Lengths and Interactions 
Student: Amanda Miller 
Mentor: Dr. Alison Holliday

Friendship, Victimization, and Peer Interactions in School-aged Children 
Student: Emily Miller 
Mentor: Dr. Michelle Schmidt

Extreme Kinesis: A Comparative Study of Prey Handling in Snakes 
Students: Raymond Morales and Josh Levano
Mentor: Dr. Frances Irish

Free Will in Light of Contemporary Neuroscience
Student: Nathan Nocchi 
Mentor: Dr. Arash Naraghi

Moravian Music: Creating Performance Editions for Anthems and Choral Works 
Student: Matthew Obszarny 
Mentors: Dr. Hilde Binford, with the assistance of Gwyneth A. Michel, Assistant Director, Moravian Music Foundation

How Do Sand Boas Capture Prey They Can’t See? 
Student: Michelle Pomposello 
Mentor: Dr. Frances Irish

Optimizing Extraction and Analysis using Liquid Chromatography 
Student: Meeghan Rossi 
Mentor: Dr. Alison Holliday

Effect of Bang-sensitive Mutations on Memory in Drosophila melanogaster 
Student: Kayli Silimperi 
Mentor: Dr. Christopher Jones

India’s Black Economy: Origins, Obstacles, and Opportunities Co-sponsored by the Center for Intercultural Advancement and Global Inclusion 
Student: Vishu Solanki 
Mentor: Dr. James West

The Role of Physical Activity in the Overall College Experience: How Students and Athletic Directors Perceive the Challenges and Benefits of Staying Physically Active while in College 
Student: Jordan Sweeney
Mentor:Dr. Virginia Adams O'Connell

Manipulating Signal Hydrophobicity to Alter Quorum Sensing in Streptococcus pneumoniae
Student: Erin Tiwold 
Mentor: Dr. Michael Bertucci

Edge and Vertex Failure Games on Graphs
Student: Devon Vukovitch
Mentor: Dr. Nathan Shank

Stereotype Analysis of Alternative Medicine Practices 
Student: Micaela Wilson 
Mentor: Dr. Sarah Johnson