Summer Research Grants

Past Proposals - 2017 Summer

Realism, Anti-realism, and the Representation Problem
Student: Michael Bassil
Mentor: Dr. Arash Naraghi

Invisible Histories
Student: Alicia Behrle & Karina Cantens
Mentor: Ms. Angela Fraleigh

Oral History: Methodology and Tool for Moravian Biographies
Student: Christopher Brennan
Mentor: Dr. Heikki Lempa

Synthesis, Characterization, and DNA Binding of a Novel Rhodium Complex
Student: Lauren Caronia
Mentor: Dr. Stephen Dunham

Assessing and Intervening in Health Harming Legal Needs in the Lehigh Valley
Co-sponsored by the Center for Intercultural Advancement and Global Inclusion
Student: Beth Davies & Aaron Hudson
Mentor: Dr. James Teufel

Parameter Dependent Network Reliability Measures
Student: Makkah Davis
Mentor: Dr. Nathan Shank

Using Stable Isotope Analysis to Study the Exchange of Nutrients between Myrmecophytes and their Mutualistic Ants in an Amazon Rain Forest
Student: Kyle Froehlich & Daniel Gerrity
Mentor: Dr. John Bevington

Crackdown on Minor Crimes as a Means of Controlling Major Crime
Student: Melanie Gutierrez
Mentor: Dr. Debra Wetcher-Hendricks

The Choral Village
Co-sponsored by the Center for Intercultural Advancement and Global Inclusion
Student: Joseph Hall
Mentor: Dr. Joy Hirokawa

MIDI Input into LilyPond
Student: Edward Harbison
Mentor: Dr. Gregory Schaper

Multisensory Phonics Intervention on Literacy Skills for At-Risk Children
Student: Jessica Hergenrother 
Mentor: Dr. Jean DesJardin

Effects of Modifying of Carbon Number and Structure of Hydrophobic Amino Acids in CSP-1, a Key Quorum Sensing Peptide in S. pneumoniae
Student: Robert Hillman
Mentor: Dr. Michael Bertucci

Contextual Study, Translation, and Pedagogical Application of Selected Works by Aelfric of Eynsham (c. 1000 CE)
Student: Max Kraft
Mentor: Dr. John Black

Tourism and Poverty: The Effects of Rural Tourism on Homeless and Impoverished Communities on the Oregon Coast
Student: Bettyjo LaBare
Mentor: Dr. Akbar Keshodkar

Painted Turtle Nest Predation in Ponds at the Lehigh Gap Nature Center
Student: Maria Manz
Mentor: Dr. Frank Kuserk

Optimizing Cyclization of LamD Derivatives in Preparation for Bioassays of Lactobacillus plantarum
Student: Jonathan Nadraws
Mentor: Dr. Michael Bertucci

How Does Land Protection Preserve Good Water Quality?
Student: Catalina Perez (& Adel Sharif; withdrew from project)
Mentor: Dr. Frank Kuserk

Do Leaf-Cutter Ants Attack Myrmecophytes That Support Colonies of Mutualistic Ants?
Student: Luke Peterson
Mentor: Dr. John Bevington

Do Antioxidants Interfere with Bacterial Killing in a Macrophage Infection Model?
Student: Michelle Pomposello
Mentor: Dr. Kara Mosovsky

A History of the Deputy Center
Student: Brielle Popolla
Mentor: Dr. Sandy Bardsley & Dr. Jamie Paxton

Peace Education in PA Liberal Arts, and Moravian University Student Visions for Peace
Student: Erika Salus & Molly Lokitis
Mentor: Dr. Kelly Denton-Borhaug

Electroporation of DNA into Drosophila melanogaster Embryos
Student: Leanna Talotta-Altenburg
Mentor: Dr. Christopher Jones