Summer Research Grants 

Past Proposals - 2018 Summer

Kinematics of Prey Handling in Arboreal Snakes
Co-sponsored by the Center for Global Education
Students: Emma Adam and Tevo’n Campbell
Mentor: Frances Irish, Biological Sciences

Chemical Modification of a diRhodium Complex with a Steroid as a Targeting Molecule for Cancer Cells
 Andrew Bainbridge
Mentor: Stephen Dunham, Chemistry

Understanding the Role of Phosphorylation in Tumor-suppressive Function of Gap Junctions
 Irene Bonetti
Mentor: Anastasia Thevenin, Biological Sciences

How Does Ocean Acidification Affect Mussel Growth and Defense?
Katie Boyle
Mentor: Joshua Lord, Biological Sciences

The Effects of Multiple Amino Acid Mutations of a Key Quorum Sensing Peptide, CSP-1
: Kylie Chichura
Mentor: Michael Bertucci, Chemistry

Exploring a Collaborative Feedback System: Portability in the Field and the Causal Impact of Feedback Utility
: Julia DeMarco
Mentor: Robert Brill, Psychology

The Neuroprotective Effect of Curcumin in the Striatal 6-Hydroxydopamine Model of Parkinson’s disease
: Adriana Facchiano
Mentor: Cecilia Fox, Biological Sciences

Estimating the Intersection of Civil Justice and Health: What are the Social Benefits of Civil Justice
Co-sponsored by the Center for Intercultural Advancement
Student: Michael Gallo
Mentor: James Teufel, Nursing and Public Health

Assessing Arachnid Diversity at the Lehigh Gap Wildlife Refuge
: Austin Grace
Mentor: Daniel Proud, Biological Sciences/Environmental Studies and Sciences

Microbiome Analysis of Soil from Palmerton Zinc Pile Superfund Site
: Alayna Koch
Mentor: Kara Mosovsky, Biological Sciences

DNA Binding Rates and Cytotoxicity of Rhodium Compounds
: Miles Lizak
Mentor: Shari Dunham, Chemistry and Dr. Anastasia Thevenin, Biological Sciences

Evaluating How Nature Experiences Help Us Thrive
: Adrianna Mantz and Noah Reiss
Mentor: Dietlinde Heilmayr, Psychology

Shadows Searching For Light: The Learning Experience of Being a Studio Assistant for Three Large-Scale Projects
: Jillian McLuhan and Erika Salus
Mentor: Angela Fraleigh, Art

Responsive Shared Book Reading and Early Literacy Skills in Four-Year Olds: A Summer Reading Experience
Co-sponsored by the Center for Intercultural Advancement and Global Inclusion
Student: Gabriella Nasta
Mentor: Jean DesJardin, Education

The Underrepresentation of Teachers of Color: Using Narrative Inquiry to Address the Imagination Gap
: Ellyce Nieves
Mentor: Tristan Gleason, Education

Building Community in the Kitchen: A Bethlehem Cookbook
: Corinne Philbin
Mentor: Christopher Shorr, English/Theatre

Drug Analysis of Wastewater Using Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry
: Madison Pursell
Mentor: Alison Holliday, Chemistry

Socio-Economic Analysis of Satellite Observations to Predict Cholera
: Nathaniel Rhoads
Mentor: Sonia Aziz, Economics

Effects of Seizure Susceptibility on a Complex Behavior in Drosophila melanogaster
: Robert Scheirer
Mentor: Christopher Jones, Biological Sciences

Monitoring of Prescribed Burn Areas at the Lehigh Gap Nature Center (LGNC)
: Christopher Sorich
Mentor: Diane Husic, Biological Sciences/Environmental Sciences and Studies

Toward Curricular and Pedagogical Innovation of the Teaching of Writing in Local High Schools
: Gabrielle Stanley
Mentor: Crystal Fodrey, English

Australian Aboriginal Music: Exploring the Influence of Australian Politics, Biology, Environment and History on Aboriginal Music and Storytelling
Co-sponsored by the Center for Global Education
Student: Lauren Steinert
Mentor: Hilde Binford, Music and Ms. Suzanne Kompass, Music