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Coinless Laundry

All Moravian University Residence Halls Now Equiped With Smart, Coinless Laundry

Keeping all that blue and grey garb fresh and clean is about to get a lot easier for students: the Office of Residence Life and Student Affairs is happy to announce all on-campus laundry rooms will receive a high-tech coinless face-lift for the fall 2015 semester.

Over the summer, the University will install 52 coinless, high-efficiency machines in all appointed laundry areas in residence halls. Not only will these new machines cut water usage in half, they all come fully compatible with Maytag360—a smartphone app that allows students to locate open washers and dryers and receive alerts when their wash is done. Moravian University, in partnership with Equipment Marketers, will be the first school in the Lehigh Valley to roll out this new technology in full force.

“This is yet another amenity to help our students to feel more at home here on campus,” said Liz Yates, assistant dean for residence life, Greek life, and first year programs. “We know living on campus is a huge factor in feeling a part of the campus community, and it is our hope both current and perspective students will enjoy this much-needed update.”

Instead of hoarding buckets of quarters, laundry fees will be built into the students' room and board costs—which can be subsidized through scholarships and financial aid. No more dragging a heavy bag down to a laundry room only to find every machine is occupied, either; students can log into their account on the Maytag360 app and locate open machines in their building before making the trip. They can continue to monitor their laundry from the comfort of their dorm room and can opt to receive a text message when their laundry is done. The app will automatically report any washer or dryer malfunctions, and will send other useful data back to the University, which Yates says she will use to make sure each building has the right number of machines.