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The Writing-Enriched Curriculum

The Writing-Enriched Curriculum at Moravian University (WEC) is a research initiative connecting Writing Studies theory and discipline-relevant writing practice with a goal of improving student learning and graduating effective writers across the college. Through WEC-generated reports, academic units are able to create Writing Plans, documents that situate writing characteristics and abilities, and outline how writing will be thoughtfully integrated into the unit’s curriculum and later assessed.

Roughly modeled on the work of Chris Anson at North Carolina State University and Pamela Flash of the University of Minnesota, this research process is optimized for the Moravian context and works towards finding ways to improve student writing in each discipline. 

The WEC Team 

WEC at Moravian is led by Dr. Crystal N. Fodrey, Assistant Professor of English and Director of Writing, and WEC Researcher and Writing at Moravian Staff Assistant, Chris Hassay ‘17 '19.  

WEC Departments

Currently the Writing-Enriched Curriculum works with:

Interested in making your department part of the WEC research initiative? Contact us at

For more information, see the Moravian University Writing-Enriched Curriculum Approval Process Document, which has a brief overview of the program.