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Computer Science Majors Delve into Emerging Technologies

Myles Barros '14 and Alek Szilagyi '14

Alumnus Credits Moravian for Teaching Students 'How to Learn'

Recently, a colleague at Merck charged Pete Lega ’85 with a simple request: Go fi nd young computer science majors who remind you of yourself 25 years ago. “So, I called Ben Coleman and asked, “Who do you recommend?” he explains. On the computer science professor’s endorsement, Myles Barros ’14 and Alek Szilagyi ’14 secured internships at Merck, one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, this past spring.

“Myles and Alek have had an opportunity to craft future-present healthcare technology , and they have just eaten it up,” says Lega, director of emerging technology at Merck & Co.

That’s exactly the outcome Lega expected from Moravian students. “I think the quality of the program is fantastic,” he says. “The Moravian education is almost timeless in a way because students are given skills that translate well and that’s critical because our technology changes all the time. At Moravian, students are learning how to learn, collaborate and adapt. The liberal arts components they experience also provides a wonderful rounding out of their soft skills and holistic view of their work.”

“Merck has been incredible at providing an environment that is both challenging but forgiving.”

- Alek Szilagyi

Working in the applied technology department, investigating emerging technologies, Szilagyi enjoyed the opportunities to work with “groundbreaking technology” outside his Moravian classroom. “Merck has been incredible at providing an environment that is both challenging but forgiving,” he explains.

Likewise, Moravian’s computer science program also offered Szilagyi the best of two worlds. “I wanted to study in computer science program was small enough where I got to know everyone, but where the curriculum was challenging enough that I would learn a lot,” he says.

Barros said his Merck internship and undergraduate courses “dovetailed” each other nicely. He also credits the University for getting him ready for the real world, noting that he’s completed two internships and several volunteer projects, but has never once felt “overwhelmed” thanks to his preparation. “I feel my education at Moravian has prepared me extremely well for all of the challenges I will face once I leave college,” he says.