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Internship Spotlight

Joe Hoffmeier ’88 and Dior George ’15

When Dior George ’15 rode home from a networking trip to New York City with the career center at Moravian University, she was a little bummed: Joe Hoffmeier ’88, a branch and portfolio manager at Morgan Stanley, spoke at the event, and George didn’t get the one-on-one opportunity she was hoping for. Hoffmeier reached out to the career center for her information anyway and, after two interviews, offered George an internship creating spreadsheets for financial advisors, researching performance and risk, and learning about the assets side of banking with Hoffmeier himself.

“I feel more well-rounded knowing the financial side of things,” says George, a business management major with a focus in human resources. After completing her Morgan Stanley internship, she landed a recruiting internship with Major League Baseball just after graduation this past May. “It gave me a better understanding of what goes on outside of human resources and the things it takes to run a successful business.”

Hoffmeier hires interns on an as-need basis, but looks to Moravian University students for their quiet confidence and ability to adapt quickly. “The students from Moravian come in and work hard. They want to get involved and figure thing out on their own,” he says.

His own experience as a journalism major at the University prepared him for leadership roles in his career, and encourages other alumni to consider this new way of giving back. “I like helping out the next generation,” he says. “I had people that took care of me and gave me opportunities—like Dave Calvo ’76—and I like to continue the tradition.”