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Moravian University Internship Spotlight: Chris Hassay ’17 at Miller Symphony Hall

Setting the Stage for a Memorable Marketing Career

Chris Hassay '17

English major interns at Miller Symphony Hall

By Kaytlyn Gordon '19

It was an on-campus internship fair that connected English major Chris Hassay ’17 to Miller Symphony Hall and a learning experience that he says he “will remember fondly forever.”

Though Hassay has enjoyed the performing arts for much of his life, he admits that he had sparse knowledge of classical, jazz, and opera before joining the public relations team at the iconic Allentown venue.

Chris Hassay headshot

“One of the biggest takeaways from this experience definitely has to be to approach everything with an open mind,” he says. Gaining exposure to new musical experiences, such as a Valentine’s Day opera concert of Puccini’s greatest hits, “not only served as a great introduction to a wholly new area of entertainment, but also gave me a much broader perspective,” Hassay says.

“One of the biggest takeaways from this experience definitely has to be to approach everything with an open mind.” — Chris Hassay '17

Creating press releases for the shows, web pages for the Hall’s website, working on social media accounts, and providing general assistance in preparation for the shows all drew upon his varied experiences at Moravian University.

“Being an English major was invaluable when it came to communicating, writing, and researching content. Without the analytical skills I have developed reading literature or the writing skills developed through composition, I don’t think I would have had a strong foundation from which to build on in public relations,” Hassay says. His prior internship with the University’s Office of Marketing and Communications prepared Hassay for virtually every facet of his internship at Miller Symphony Hall.

“I this this experience was a fantastic way to not only see what marketing and public relations looks like in the professional world, but also to understand what it is to work in the arts. It is an opportunity that does not come around very often,” Hassay says.