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Moravian College

SOAR Profile - Sam Ansman

Name: Sam Ansman 
Major/minor: Psychology 
Expected date of graduation: Spring 2014 
Hometown: Phillipsburg, N.J. 
Activities: Member of the Moravian track and cross country teams 
Project title: Free Recall as a Teaching Exercise: Changes in Memory Organization Over Time 
Project advisor: Sarah Johnson

Sam Ansman found a new appreciation for research this past summer.

As part of his SOAR project, Sam undertook an assignment called “Free Recall as a Teaching Exercise: Changes in Memory Organization Over Time,” having subjects participate in a free recall activity in order to examine them more closely. First, Sam studied how their perceived effectiveness of free recall changed over the course of the term. Secondly, he examined how their free recall lists themselves changed over time as the subjects became more knowledgeable about the material.

This research was no easy task Sam found out. “I have a more complete understanding of how tedious and complicated research really is and it has given me an appreciation for all those who do it,” he concludes.

As part of his research, Sam found that the subjects’ semantic memory did indeed change over time. Sam’s SOAR project group reported its findings in an article, which they hope to publish in a scholarly source.

Sam will also take his newfound knowledge into his career, when he hopes to enter the field of forensic psychology, treating and rehabilitating convicted individuals.