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Moravian College

Katy Blair '14

2012 Soar Student

Katy Blair '14

Major/minor: Biology

Hometown: Hope, N.J.

Project: Evaluating the Extent and Impact of Coliform Bacteria in the Little Lehigh Watershed

Project advisor: Dr. Frank Kuserk

Project details: We are testing the Little Lehigh Creek and its tributaries for several different types of bacteria used to identify fecal contamination within a river. We are working with the DEP and Wildlands Conservancy to determine which of these rivers should be considered impaired.

Why I wanted to participate in SOAR: It’s a great opportunity to work on a project that will give you more of a career type of experience.

Results: Presently, the results conclude that all 19 sites involved with our study are impaired, but further testing will determine to what extent.

Future plans: I want to graduate with a B.S. in Biology and most likely go to graduate school. I think I’d like to become a geneticist or a genetic counselor, but I’m open to opportunity.