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Moravian College

Shane Burcaw '14

2012 Soar Student

Shane Burcaw '14

Major/minor: English

Hometown: Bethlehem, Pa.

Project: Disability Identity: Exploring First Person Accounts of Disability Experience

Project advisor: Dr. Dana Dunn

Project details: Dr. Dunn and I wrote a review article that explains and categorizes published disability narratives within the context of disability identity.

Why I wanted to participate in SOAR: I love to write, and psychology has always been of great interest to me. Additionally, I have a disability of my own, which I felt would positively contribute to the outcome of this project.

Results: We’ve developed an article that teaches people with and without disabilities how to learn from narrative accounts of disability. Our article, which hopefully will be published, will serve as a jumping off point for future research in the fields of rehabilitation and clinical psychology.

Future plans: I’m going to continue writing my blog and working on my nonprofit organization. Once I earn my English degree and graduate from Moravian, I think the next logical step is probably world domination.