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Moravian College

Jake Donchez '13

2011 Soar Student

Jake Donchez '13

SOAR was a great opportunity for me to get hands-on experience with the chemistry principles I have been learning at Moravian. I was able to take these concepts and apply them through a research project in an attempt to discover something new. SOAR was an excellent opportunity for me, being passionate about my field of study, to commit my time to contribute toward, and gain further knowledge in, biochemistry.

Hometown: Bethlehem, PA

Major: Biochemistry

Project: Synthesis of Dirhodium Compounds for DNA-Binding Studies

Faculty Advisor: Dr.’s Shari and Steve Dunham

Goal: Synthesize several dirhodium compounds so they could be analyzed for their ability to bind to DNA.

What I learned: I learned several synthetic techniques on how to produce various compounds through substitution reactions. Additionally analysis methods such as High Performance Liquid chromatography and Matrix Assisted Laser Desorption-Ionization were important in identifying the products that came from my reactions. I not only learned how to use but also how to set up, calibrate, and troubleshoot these instruments.

Future plans: I am hoping to continue this project as an Honors Project during my senior year, where I will focus more on studying the DNA-binding aspects of the compounds I synthesized.