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Biochemistry Research

Student reserach


taylor blake_research page.jpg

Nucleotide Content Effect on the DNA-Binding of Metal Compounds

Taylor Blake '16 performed experiments that helped her gain insights on the mechanism of how metal-based anticancer drugs work, allowing for the development better therapies.

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ghazal_research page.jpg

Characterization of a novel bang-sensitive in Drosophila melanogaster

"I find genetics and the blueprint behind our existence, the DNA, fascinating, which is the reason I choose to focus my research on investigating a novel gene in Drosophila melanogaster," says Ghazal Stity '15

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alexandra kaplan_research page.jpg

The Impact of Land Preservation on Water Quality in the Lehigh River Watershed

Alejandra Kaplan '16 investigated the relationship between macroinvertabrates and fishes in watersheds and the water quality in the Lehigh River.

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