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Moravian College


At the beginning of each term, students must be present in class at least once during the drop/add period in order to be considered enrolled at the College and registered for a particular class. Exceptions to this policy are granted only by the dean of the faculty or associate provost. Absence from class during the drop/add period may be counted as excused or unexcused at the discretion of the course instructor.

Students are expected to attend classes regularly. If absences occur, it is the student's responsibility to make up the work missed. Permission to make up laboratory assignments, studios, quizzes, and period tests, but not final exams, may be granted at the discretion of the instructor. As a matter of courtesy, when students find it necessary to be absent from class, they should inform the instructor, in advance if possible. Students should notify the Academic Support Center in the event of an extended absence.

It is the responsibility of the instructor to set forth in writing at the beginning of a course any special conditions regarding absences in the course. In many classes (e.g., seminars, laboratories, studios, physical education), participation in class constitutes a substantial part of the work of the course, in which case excessive absence will lower the student's grade. When a student's progress is seriously impeded by excessive absence from class or by other difficulties, the instructor may refer the student to the Academic and Accessibility Support Office.

Students who frequently fail to attend classes or miss enough classes to preclude successful completion of any academic course for the term may be removed from class with a grade of WF (withdrawal failing) by the Office of the Provost. Such action will be taken only after students have had an opportunity to discuss their situation with the associate provost.

Students might occasionally miss class due to participation in College-sponsored athletic competitions and other College-sponsored activities. Student participation is, however, a privilege and not a right. The College sponsors these activities as a part of the students' educational and personal development. Faculty and staff members will make every effort to support and encourage student participation, at the same time recognizing that students have the responsibility to put forth their best effort in both their coursework and their chosen co-curricular activities. A student's failure to meet academic responsibilities could lead to a forfeiture of his or her participation in the activity, as well as course failure.

Health Center Excuse Policy

The policy presented below is congruent with policies of those campuses nationwide that recognize the adult relationship between college students and their instructors. Attendance/participation policies related to specific courses should be outlined in class syllabi and communicated to students by their instructors. Sickness is only one of the many reasons that a student may not attend class. Ultimately, attending class is the responsibility of a student.

The health care providers at the Health Center will not write excuse notes for illnesses or problems of students for whom they have not provided care.

  • Students sometimes have illnesses, psychological conditions, or injuries that cause them to miss class. An excuse note will be written only when the student has been treated by a Health Center staff member and he or she has deemed it necessary for the student to be out of class for a particular date or dates. Under no circumstances will the diagnosis be placed on the note unless requested in writing by the student.
  • If the medical condition extends more than three days, the Academic Support Center will be notified. Details will only be given by the Health Center to the ASC with the student’s written permission.
  • In the event that a note is required by the professor in situations other than the above, it is suggested that a “Statement of Absence from Class” form be completed by the student and given to his or her professors. Falsifying absence from class is a violation of the Moravian College Academic Honesty Policy, which states in part that “students may not offer a falsified excuse for an absence from an examination, test, quiz, or other course requirement, directly or through another source.”

Individual Class Cancellations

Cancellations of individual class meetings will be posted on the College’s web portal AMOS. To view all cancellations for a specific day, a student should click on the ‘Class Cancellations’ link found in the Quick Links section on the left-hand side of AMOS or go directly to the Class Cancellations page. Students can see their personalized lists by going to the same location, after logging in to AMOS. Students in the class should also receive an e-mail at their Moravian College e-mail account when an individual class is listed as cancelled on AMOS.

Inclement Weather Policy

Commuting students who are absent or late for class are not to be penalized when the College has issued a 2-hour delay or when the U.S. Weather Bureau has issued any of the following notices:

  • Traveler's advisory
  • Heavy snow warning
  • Winter storm warning

In hazardous weather conditions, the College may be closed and classes cancelled, or the College may opt to run on a two-hour delayed schedule (see below).

To communicate delays or closures, Moravian College sends text and e-mail notifications via e2Campus (see below), sends a College e-mail message, posts on AMOS, and posts on the College webpage. Public announcements are also made via WFMZ (website and television).

e2Campus is the College emergency notification system. All students are strongly encouraged to opt in to this free service to receive text and e-mail messages for weather and other campus emergencies.

College-wide cancellations after the start of the class day will be announced on the public-address system of the HUB, the campus e-mail system, e2Campus, WFMZ, and AMOS and the College’s website.

It is important to note that students will not be e-mailed at their Moravian e-mail account if the College is closed for the entire day or if the start of the day is delayed due to inclement weather unless they have opted to be notified via e2Campus.