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A student who is interested in becoming familiar with the content of a course without the constraints of credit work may register for a course as an auditor. Registration for a course audit or a change from audit to credit status must be carried out no later than the end of the first five calendar days in a fall or spring term or the first two class days in an intensive winter or summer session. Instructor permission must be sent, in writing, to the Office of the Registrar.

However, up to the last day in the term for withdrawal with a W, a student who is registered for credit in a course may change to audit status, provided the course instructor assures the Office of the Provost in writing that the student's grade at the time of the change is C or better. The student, moreover, must attend two-thirds of all classes after the change to audit status, as reported by the instructor, to receive a grade of AUD on the transcript. Failure to do so will result in a W notation.

Auditors are not expected to submit written work or to take examinations, nor should they expect the instructor to evaluate such work. Students must attend a minimum of two-thirds of the class meetings of the course in order for an audit to be recorded on a transcript. Students may not register to audit Independent Study, Internship, studio art, applied music and music ensembles, Writing 101, nursing clinical courses, or other courses that by their nature are inappropriate for auditors, as determined by the University. Auditing is available on a space-available basis only; that is, if the course is closed, auditors will not be accepted.

A student may not audit a class for the purposes of preparing for a challenge exam.